Stand: Januar 2023

1000 Years (or More)
101 (one 0 one)
1 2 SNAP (since 25.10.22)
1 + 1 (since 8.2.22)
2 Lane Highway (since 16.8.16) youtube
1976 (since 27.9.13)
5:15 (since 11.6.19) youtube

Aberdeen (since 9.2.21)
A Country High (since 23.5.17) youtube
A Little Bit Gypsy (since 5.4.14) youtube
A Lot Like That
A Million Voices (since 29.6.2021)
A Reel Craic (since 17.4.18) youtube
Aces And Eights (since 7.8.18) youtube
Achy Breaky Heart
Adalida youtube
Adventure 45 (since 1.5.18) youtube
Ain't Misbehavin (since 1.3.16) youtube
Alabama Boy (since 17.10.14)
Alabama Slammin
Alcazar (since 13.2.15)
Alcohol (since 3.5.13)
All Katchi, All Night Long (since 29.5.18)
Amame (since 21.2.14)
Anybody Ever Told You (since 28.2.17) youtube
Anything For Love (since 10.16) youtube
Another Song
Apache Spirit Dance (since 25.4.14)
Arcade (since 7.1.20)
Askin‘ Questions (since 13.9.13)

Baby Ride Easy
Baby Kisses (since 15.5.15) youtube
Backwards (since 7.8.14)
Bad Habits (since 6.7.2021)
Beast Of Burden (since 12.15) youtube
Beautiful Day
Better Times (since 14.2.14)
Black Coffee
(since 4.4.17) youtube
Blinded By Beauty (since 8.3.22)
Blindsided (since 27.4.21)
Blurred Lines (since 18.1.14)
Boardwalk (since 23.1.15)
Bomshel Stomp (since 6.2.15) youtube
Bonaparte's Retreat (since 22.10.19)
Bonfire Heart (since 5.6.15) youtube
Bosa Nova
Booze Cruise (since 26.1.16)

Break Free Cha (since 7.3.17) youtube
Break Into My Heart (since 26.4.22)
Broken Stones
Broon Sauce (since 29.11.13)
Brown Eyes Baby (since 8.11.22)
Bud Wiser
Bush Party
(since 1.11.16) youtube
Bruises (since 23.1.16)

Cabo San Lucas
California Blue
Calm And Collected (since 27.3.15) 
Can't Go Wrong
Canadian Stomp
Can We Just
(since 20.7.21)
Celtic Connection (since 24.4.15) youtube
Celtic Heartbeat (since 5.12.14)
Champagne Promise (since 5.3.19) youtube
Chasing Down A Good Time (since 14.2.17) youtube
Chasing You (since 9.6.20)
Cheaper (since 15.5.18) youtube
Cherry Bomb (since 6.8.19)
Chica Boom Boom (since 8.2.13)
Chick Magnet (since 14.11.14)
Chill Factor
Clickety Clack (since 10.5.13)
Close To You (since 24.5.16) youtube
Codigo (since 5.3.19) youtube
Country in 3 (since 23.3.21)
Country Touch (since 1.11.22)

Cry To Me
Curious Girl
(since 30.8.16)
Cut Me Loose (since 3.5.22)
Cyber Drop (since 14.9.21)

Dance Before You Leave Me (since 9.11.21)
Dancing Violins
Danger Twins (since 15.3.22)
Dare To Love (since 25.8.20)
Day Of Dead (since 16.10.18) youtube
Dear Friend (since 15.11.16) youtube
Devil In A Dress (since 6.12.22)
Dig Your Heels (since 22.11.16) youtube
Dim The Lights (since 5.7.22)
Disappearing Tail Lights (since 15.2.13)
Doctor Doctor
Doin' This (since 15.2.22)
Don't Touch (sinnce 3.3.20)
Don't You Wish
Doo Wacka Doo (since 17.4.15) youtube
Drinkaby (since 14.2.23)
(since 7.2.14)

East Bound & Down
Easy On Me (since 19.10.21)
Echame La Culpa (since 26.6.18) youtube
Enough Is Enough (since 9.1.18) youtube
Especially For You (since 21.6.22)
Everybody Can Kiss My A** (since 2.2.16)
Everyone Needs A Hero (since 24.1.23)
Everything In Between (since 9.8.21)
Every Light (since 29.3.22)

Faithful Soul (since 5.11.19)
Fake ID (since 25.1.13)
Fake Smile (since 8.12.20)
Family And Friends
Far Ahead (since 18.1.22)
Feeling Kinda Lonely
Feet Don‘t Fail Me Now (since 16.1.15)
Fire & Lace (since 20.2.18) youtube
Fishin‘ In The Dark (since 8.11.13)
Fighting Voices (since 26.5.20)
Flatliner (since 20.6.17) youtube
Foolish (since 6.4.21)
Fly High (since 24.1.17) youtube
Forget Me Not (since 30.11.17) youtube
Funk And Feel It (since 9.16) youtube​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Galway Girls
Get Wild (since 16.7.19) youtube
Get Your Feet Down
Girl Crush (since 18.9.15) youtube
Gives Me Shivers (since 1.2.22)
Gone West (since 12.5.20)
Gonna Live Forever (since 29.11.16)
Good Time
Good Time Jackson
Good To Go (since 13.4.21)
Gorgeous (since 26.11.19)
Go Seven (since 22.3.13)
Graffiti (since 29.1.19) youtube
Half Past Tipsy (since 2.2.21)
Hardy (since 7.4.20)
Havana Cha (since 12.12.17)
Head Phones (since 5.2.19) youtube
Heart Of An Angel
Heartbeat (since 25.6.19) youtube
Hearts And Flowers
Hearts On Fire (since 13.3.18)
Heaven On Your Lips (since 21.2.23)
His Only Need (since 15.8.14)
Hold (since 19.7.16) youtube
Hold My Hand (since 29.11.22)
Homegrown (since 21.2.15)
Home To Donegal (since 14.4.20)
Homeward Bound (since 14.2.14)
Honeycomb (since 29.11.13)
Honky Tonk Fix
Honky Tonk Swing (since 15.5.15) 
Honky Tonk Way (since 19.7.2022)
Hooked On Country
House Of Cards (since 28.9.17) youtube
Hurts Like A Cha Cha (since 23.1.18) youtube

I Can't Pretend (since 10.1.23)
I Close My Eyes (since 11.12.18) youtube
I Feel Like Goin Home (since 4.9.18) youtube
I Got You (since 16.3.21)
I Got This Too (since 3.4.18) youtube
I'm On My Way (since 14.6.22)
I sing a Liad für di (since 16.8.13)
I Walk The Line
Irish Boots (since 28.2.23)
Irish Spirit
(since 8.1.19) youtube
Irish Stew
Island In The Stream
Italiano (since 31.10.17) youtube
I've seen it all (since 1.12.20)

J'Adore (since 12.16) youtube
Jeans Experience (since 21.6.13)
Jerusalema (since 8.9.20)

Jesse James (since 26.7.13)
Jessie (since 30.4.19) youtube
Jitter buggin
Joana (since 12.16)
Joyride (since 21.3.14)
Jump In Da Line (since 27.6.17) youtube
Just Add Moonlight (since 5.6.15) youtube
Just A Little Love (since 16.5.14)
Just A Memory
Just A Phase (since 26.3.19) youtube 
Just Let Me (since 31.1.17) youtube

Katie's Charleston
KD Cha
(since 22.11.16) youtube
Kill The Spider
Kitchen Dance Floor (since 22.3.22)
Kiss That Girl Goodbye (since 16.4.19) youtube
Knee Deep
​​​​​​​Knockin‘ On Heaven‘s Door (since 28.11.14)
Knock Off (since 30.8.22)

Lady In Red (since 7.11.17) youtube
Lake Darbonne (since 11.7.17) youtube
Last In Line
Leaving Of Liverpool
Legend (since 14.1.20)
Legendary (since 27.2.18)
Let It Be Me (since 28.6.16youtube
Let It Swing (since 28.3.17) youtube
Let's Go Sailing (since 18.7.19)
Life Is A Lesson (since 11.8.20)
Like A Cowboy (since 29.8.17) youtube
Like A Fine Wine (since 26.2.19) youtube
LIT (since 16.5.17) youtube
Livin' On Love
Live Laugh Love
Look Good Again (since 25.4.17) youtube 
(since 18.10.13)
Lord Help Me (since 11.15) youtube
Lord Of Stomps (since 9.8.16) youtube
Lost In Love (since 19.2.19) youtube
Lost In Me (since 7.3.14)
Love Centric (since 15.8.17) youtube
Love Like A Symphony (since 14.12.21)
Love Me Some You (since 8.6.21)
Love Remains (since 11.7.17) youtube
Love Runs (since 8.11.16) youtube
Love Runs Out (since 10.5.16) youtube
Love Trick
Love You A Million Times (since 23.8.13)
Love You Cha (since 2.2.21)
Love You In A Barrel (since 19.4.16) youtube
Lucky Boy's Dream (since 4.7.17) youtube
Lucky Me (since 1.5.18) youtube

Mad Crazy Love (since 13.8.19)
Make It (since 26.7.22)
Makita (since 12.12.14)
Magic Moon (since 30.5.14)
Mama & Me (since 1.11.22)
Mariana Mambo (since 12.1.16)
Martini Moments (since 27.11.18) youtube
Maybe Tomorrow (since 12.16) youtube
Meet Me There (since 22.5.18) youtube
Mermaid Cowgirl (since 11.2015) youtube
Missing (since 21.2.17) youtube
Mony Mony (since 12.2.19) youtube 
​​​​​​​Moses Roses Toeses (since 20.4.21)
Muntsa (since 23.1.16)

Music Man (since 30.10.18) 
My Angel And Me (since 21.4.20)
My Blue Jeans (since 24.10.14)
My First Love (since 17.10.14)
My Maria
My Pretty Belinda

Nancy Mulligan (since 25.4.17) youtube
N.E. Cha Cha (since 7.3.14)
Never Gonna Not Dance (since 22.11.22)
New Flame (since 12.7.13)
New Train
Nickajack (since 6.9.22)
No Man's Land (since 20.10.15) youtube
Not Fair
Nothing But You (since 2.4.19) youtube
Nothing To Hide (since 15.10.19)

Obladi Oblada (since 16.8.13)
Oh My Love (since 24.11.15) youtube
Old Flames 
(since 31.1.14)
On A Roll (since 10.7.18) youtube
One Too Many (since 26.1.21)
Open Heart Cowboy

Painting Pillows (since 9.2.16)
Patient Heart
People Are Crazy
People Are Good (since 7.8.18) youtube
Perfect (since 5.12.17) youtube
Photograph (since 12.15) youtube
Pick Her Up (since 1.9.20)
Plastic Pretty
(since 17.1.17) youtube
Playboys (since 29.10.19)Q

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O (since 16.5.14)
Raised Like That (since 21.9.21)
Recto Verso (since 10.1.17) youtube
Restless Heart (since 17.10.17) youtube
Reunited (since 22.3.22)
Rhyme Or Reason
Rock Paper Scissor (since 17.5.13)
Roll Back (since 16.5.14)
Rolling By The River (since 12.10.21)
Rolling In The Deep (since 13.12.13)
Rolling Stone (since 7.12.21)
Rolling With Love (since 11.2.20)
Rolling With The Flow
Roots (since 14.11.17) youtube
Run Me Like A River (since 5.6.18) youtube

Safe Haven (since 16.2.2021)
Save The Day (5.4.16) youtube
Say Geronimo (since 24.7.15) 
Second Hand Tequila (since 28.2.14)
Second Time Around (since 28.8.18) youtube
Senorita La-La-La (since 24.9.19)
Seven (since 19.12.17) youtube
Sexy Night (since 23.8.16) youtube
Shades Of Passion (since 21.2.15)
Shady (since 7.2.17) youtube
Shakin Mix
Shame&Scandal In The Family (since 8.2.13)
Shame On Me
Share That Love (since 01.06.21)
Shenandoah (since 25.7.17) youtube
Shoot My Shot (since 18.2.20)
Shotgun House (since 21.12.13)
Shouting To The Monsters (since 7.9.21)
Showed Up Late (since 22.8.17) youtube
Side By Side
Simply The Best (since 2.7.19) youtube
Singing The Song
Skiffle Time (since 20.9.13)
Slapping Leather
Sleep (since 9.1.15)
Slow Hands (since 27.3.18) youtube
Slowly Gently Softly (since 28.11.17) youtube
Sofia (Since 9.16)
Something In The Water
Something You Love (since 28.1.20)
Soulmates (since 20.9.22)
Soul Shake (since 3.9.19)
Soul Stirring (since 11.5.21)
Southern Thing (since 9.5.17) youtube
Speak To The Sky
Starlights (since 11.1.22)
Stop Me Now (30.5.14)
Story (since 6.2.18) youtube
ST One (since 19.4.16)
Storm And Stone
(since 12.7.2022)
Stripes (since 25.4.14)
Strip It Down (since 21.6.16) youtube
Stroll Along Cha Cha
Sugar Rush (since 19.1.16)
Sweet Attraction (since 30.6.20)
Sweet Ireland (since 14.6.22)
Sweet Sweet Smile

Take A Breather
Take Me To The River (since 21.2.17) youtube
Taking Chances (since 6.11.18) youtube
Tell The World (since 12.6.15) youtube
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
Texas Time (since 13.11.18) youtube
The Belle Of Liverpool (since 5.4.13)
The Bomp (since 18.9.15) youtube
The Boat To Liverpool (since 26.9.14)
The Bremer
The Captain
(since 11.5.21)
The Flute (since 1.3.13)
The Gambler
The Harvester (since 14.8.18) youtube
Thelma & Louise (since 10.5.22)
The Older I Get (since 16.1.18) youtube
The Trail
The Queen (since 16.2.16) youtube
The Way You Look (since 29.3.16) youtube
They Walk The Line (since 1.11.13)
This & That
Those Russians (since 17.5.16) youtube
Thousand Times (since 3.12.19)
Three Teachers (since 14.8.1) youtube
Three Walls
Thirsty (since 3.5.13)
Til The Neons Gone (since 12.7.2022)
Till We Meet Again (since 9.8.22)
'Til You Can't (since 25.1.22)
T‘Morrow Never Knows (since 22.3.13)
To Hell And Back
Train Wreck (since 30.11.21)
Trespassing (since 2.5.14)
Troubadour (since 23.10.18) youtube
Truth be told (since 02.03.2021)
Turning Tables (since 24.11.20)
Turn Me Loose (since 24.1.14)
Tush Push
Twist And Turns
(since 27.9.16) youtube
Twisted Sister (since 24.5.16) youtube

Under The Sun
Untamed (since 11.5.17) youtube
UP (since 20.3.15) youtube
Up In The Air (since 12.11.19)
Uptown Funk (since  4.8.15) youtube

Vancouver Fireworks (since 19.6.18) youtube
Vegas Baby (since 12.16) youtube
Voodoo Jive (since 1.12.15) youtube

Wakey Wakey (since 25.8.15)
Walk Alone (since 18.4.17) youtube
Walking Backwards
Walk Of Life
Walk On A Bad Day (since 26.9.17) youtube
Waltz Across Texas
Wandering Hearts (since 5.9.17) youtube
Wave On Wave
Waves Of Love (since 19.3.19) youtube
We Are Tonight (since 5.15)
We Are the Same (since 26.9.14)
We Did (since 17.1.23)
We'll Go Dancing
(since 17.8.21)
We Only Live Once (since 30.1.15)
What A Man Gotta Do (since 28.4.20)
What A Song Can Do (since 28.9.21)
Where Oh Where (since 9.3.21)
Where We‘ve Been (since 10.1.14)
Whiskey‘s Gone (since 15.11.13)
Who Did You Call Darlin'
Whole Again (since 9.1.15)
Why Lie (since 26.9.17) youtube
Wildflowers (since 15.9.20)

Wild Wild West Boogie (since 19.4.13)
Will You Call Me (since 13.2.18) youtube
Wintergreen (since 7.7.20)
With These Eyes (since 23.2.16)
Women Amen
(since 30.1.18) youtube
Would Have Loved Her (since 22.6.21)
Wow Tokyo (since 4.7.13)

You & Me Together (since 22.2.22)
You Are The Reason (since 4.12.18) youtube
You Fade Away (since 9.16) youtube